Western Global Airlines’ freighter fleet of 16 company owned fuel-efficient heavyweight MD-11 and 747-400 aircraft, all equipped with GE engines, affords it significant operating advantages which benefit its customers   


    • Our critical mass provides us substantial operating efficiencies

    • Our aircraft are efficient and reliable, supported by expert maintenance resources

    • Our Boeing Tier-1 customer status ensures the highest standards

    • All our aircraft are heavyweight models with maximum payload capability

    • All our assets are owned outright – freedom from lenders supports our low cost model

    • We only fly the General Electric CF6-80C2, the most reliable and fuel efficient engine

    • We own an extensive inventory of spare aircraft, engines and parts

MD-11 Landing at Lakeland

The MD-11F is a proven asset, and due to its competitive edge, it is among the most extensively utilized wide-body cargo aircraft in the world

There are as many MD-11 freighters in operation as 747-400F’s, serving as the workhorse of the world’s wide-body cargo fleet.

They are the backbone of the most successful cargo operators in the world, including Fed Ex, Lufthansa and UPS.

The MD-11F has significant strengths and advantages for freight operations as compared to the 777F, 747F, and 767F

The MD-11F edge over the 777F:

  • lower cost per kilo
  • lower trip cost
  • flies faster, less block hours for the same trip
  • positioning cost much lower

The MD-11F edge over the 747F:

  • lower cost per kilo
  • much lower trip cost
  • much lower positioning cost
  • comparable speed

The MD-11F edge over the 767F:

  • much lower cost per kilo
  • flies faster, less block hours for the same trip
  • carries almost twice the payload, slightly higher trip cost


Western Global Airlines cracked the code on how to capture the advantages of the MD-11F to benefit its customers

WGA’s fleet of MD-11F’s is the best in the industry and offers many advantages.  All our aircraft  are heavy weight max payload models, all are powered by GE’s CF6-80 C2 D1F engines, the most fuel efficient and reliable available, and they benefit from fleet commonality.  The operating fleet is supplemented by spare aircraft and engines, the world’s most extensive MD-11 parts inventory, and the highest maintenance expertise.  All are certified to WGA’s stringent FAA 121 standards, and our Boeing Tier-1 Customer status ensures the highest quality support from the OEM.


The resultant benefits to WGA’s customers are lower price per kilo, lower price per trip, lower risk and increased flexibility


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